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Snr Pastor Yinka Kuti
World Evangelism Bible Church
London HQ
18-19 Crimscott Street of Grange Road
London SE1 5TE

Bishop Designate Wayne Brown is a renaissance man: a theological artist of exquisite gifting and sophistication who stands as one of the rising prophetic voices of our day. Recently appointed to the Pastorate of New Testament Church of God (NTCG) Willesden in London, England, he stands as one of the innovative influences in his denomination.

Wayne has a degree in Theology and a Masters Degree in Business Management. He has used his university experience as a tool to assist his calling to equip the body of Christ; in both the spiritual and the secular arenas.

He is a sought after preacher, motivational speaker and mentor and has ministered throughout the UK, Africa, the USA, Australia, and the Carribbean. He presents the gospel with integrity, clarity, sound theology, revelation, and balance. A family man, he and his wife Michelle are enjoying parenting their daughters, Mia-Gabrielle and Annelise.


New Glory International Ministries is a word based and spirit filled Church. We have a spiritual duty to empower the Kingdom citizens to be the salt and light of the world in which we live.

In this Church, we believe you are a person of heavenly value. Our father has placed a treasure deep inside the soul of every human being. When you come into relationship with the father and open yourself to Him, He will illuminate your heart.

Once you discover the treasure within you, you will know the calling that is your personal destiny and your life will be enriched beyond anything you can imagine
There was a day when you entered this world and this date is celebrated yearly. There will also inevitably be a day when each of us will leave this world. We tend not to like to think about the later.
This is not to disturb your heart but as christians, we must always think of our return to our Heavenly home. St. John 14:1-3

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(Sermons by Pastor Lola Osikoya)