Dear Brothers and Sisters

Greetings to you all in the name of the Almighty God and the Most High. This is our updated message to you and future events and activities that will be taking place in NGIM.

On the Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November 2015, once again, we will be having our Supernatural Manifestation Conference Weekend. There will be Visiting Pastors plus our magnificent miracle nights and I urge you all to attend; kindly bring your family and friends to this life changing event.

Due to HS2 being a central point of retransformation and development in Park Royal and where we are located in Scrubs Lane; we are now in the process of seeking to find new premises in and around surrounding area. We are in negotiation with the developers hoping that there will be tangible results. This process will take some time, possibly years, but in the meantime I am reaching out to you and the wider community if there is any premises that you think may be suitable for NGIM please contact the Chairman of NGIM Church Committee or the Church Secretary.

New community working – I am pleased to say that NGIM is working very closely with Amazing Grace Women’s Association which is a charity specifically dealing with unemployment, youth development, capacity building, advice, training etc. We are hoping that we will be able to expand this service through working with other community groups and similar minded organisations in Brent and surrounding areas. We are looking for new ideas and we welcome anyone who would like to assist and help, please inform the Church Secretary or The Chairman of the Church Committee.

Good News:- NGIM has now officially accepted a Christian faith church in Pakistan and Nigeria and all over the world. Our website has done miracles for us in spreading the good word; whilst at the same time we work in partnership with Churches in London and Bishops and Pastors visit us on a regular basis.

NGIM have a Visiting Pastor every quarter; In person of Pastor Yinka Kuti from World Evangelism Bible Church, London Headquarters.

Our aspirations is to serve the Lord and give praise to him and serving our community hoping to make a difference for Christians and non- Christians alike.

Our Aim is to spread the gospel of God to the four corners of the World; winning souls into the Kingdom of God; and making believers good citizens of the Vineyard of God.


Give and you shall receive

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(Sermons by Pastor Lola Osikoya)



Senior Pastor Lola Osikoya
Senior Pastor In Charge/Founder/Overseer

Mr. David Mark MBE
NGIM Church Committee

Minister Gilda Rochester
Church Secretary
NGIM Church Committee