New Year’s Message from Senior Pastor Lola Osikoya

Greetings to you Brothers and Sisters, whether you are in London, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, India, Nigeria and all over the World. For those of you who are affiliated to New Glory International Ministries (NGIM) and those that view our website on a regular basis as and when you are able to. Glory to the Almighty The Most High.

As the Senior Pastor at NGIM, last year has been a year of great success to our followers and congregation and we have achieved a magnificent amount of support from everyone and to this end, the Committee, the congregation and myself thank you immensely for all that you have contributed.

My message for 2016! Is that, “This Year will be a Year that everyone has never experienced before for Great Achievements”. There will be many changes to our lives, our connections and it is important that we are well prepared to deal with these Good and Signification changes.

We will continue in November to have our Supernatural manifestations Conference over a three day period. These dates are: Friday 25th November, Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November 2016. I am looking forward to this being a success for the Church and the Community. We will also be having visiting pastors who will be preaching at NGIM throughout the year giving a different dimension and spiritual uplift of the Good Lord, which I am sure you will all enjoy if you attend. Please follow the dates via the website.

In terms of the Community; we are working very close with Amazing Grace Women’s Association in terms of assisting them as and when in helping the youths and the Community at large in areas of Community engagement, employment skills and social development. However, I am appealing to everyone or anyone who have skills in any of the above mentioned areas to give their support so that Amazing Grace Women’s Association can enhance their skills base further.

I am pleased to say that we have Affiliated Branches and Churches that have applied for Affiliation all over the world in particular the countries that I have mentioned at the beginning of my message. May I take this opportunity to tell all the Branches that we at NGIM acknowledge all your communication and we are developing strategies that will assist you in the development of your congregation and community. I would also say to you, have faith that great things will come to you.

We give glory to God that NGIM is expanding very well in terms of our members and we are seeking a new building that will accommodate and also that we can use to carry out other activities for the community. I am therefore, appealing to anyone who may have or know of any such accommodation, I will be grateful if you will let us know.

Finally, we wish All our Members and our Affiliated Branches All over the World a very happy and prosperous 2016! We pray that 2016 will be A Year of Great Achievements for Us All! And that in 2016 we will be able to spread the gospel of Christ All Around the World thereby winning more souls into the Kingdom of God Almighty!

Give and you shall receive

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(Sermons by Pastor Lola Osikoya)

The Lord bless us and keep us, the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious unto us. The Lord lift up his countenance up us and give us peace! Remain blessed!!!

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Senior Pastor Lola Osikoya
Senior Pastor In Charge/Founder/Overseer

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NGIM Church Committee

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Church Secretary
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